Photowalk: what you need to know

Paulo Jordao posted some final details about this Sunday’s Photowalk. We are going to meet around 9:45am in front the water fountain at Las Olas Riverfront, rain or shine. This is a FREE event; you can bring friends, family and even kids. Everyone should have a camera, even if it’s just a cheapie disposable.

The question: what should you bring (other than a camera, of course)?

I was debating whether or not to bring a tripod, but now I’m definitely not. It would only be extra weight, since we’ll be walking.

I haven’t decided which lenses to bring, but Paulo is only bringing a 17-55mm. I’ll definitely bring my 18-55mm, since it’s the most useful general purpose lens. I’ll probably bring the 55-200mm, but I probably won’t bring the 50mm, since it takes too long to set up a manual focus shot.

The walk is 1.7 miles, and at the end we might stop for brunch or drinks.

For the full details, check Paulo’s blog.

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