Obama for President

Dave Winer posted a link to this site with one of the best Obama graphics I’ve seen.


I like Obama because I think he’s the candidate most likely to bring real change.

Hillary is not the least bit progressive. She simply goes along with the Republicans on almost everything. She’s also an insider yet has very little real experience. Being married to a former president doesn’t count as experience.

Obama, on the other hand, will bring a fresh perspective and will do more to improve the world’s opinion of us than anyone else.

2 thoughts on “Obama for President”

  1. What about Ron Paul? He agrees with founding fathers. Their belief was that government is a necessary evil that must be as limited as much as possible and to trade with all nations but have no political allies. To stay out of foreign affairs. The only change we should have is to go back to the way we politically operated our government before the 1900's.

  2. I agree. I think that having a black president will be, in the eyes of the world, a much better, more representative person of our country as a whole.

    Just imagine, if the voting age was lowered to 16 (which people are trying to get to happen, although it most likely won’t) Obama would have a sure victory. Just look around facebook, it’s obvious he’s popular among younger people.


    And, if the voting age was lowered to 16, I could vote in the next election! It’s too bad, I would love to vote in this upcoming election.


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