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The spam problem at my gmail account got so bad that I switched to a new gmail address. Replace ‘mike3k’ with ‘macmegasite’ for my new email address. Since I still get lots of email at my old address since I used it to sign up for a lot of stuff, I’m having it forward to the new address for a while. I’ll attempt to keep this address as spam-free as possible by never using it to sign up for any public sites.

Since the spam that ended up in my inbox was being forwarded as well, I’m now using two forwards, first to my DreamHost account for filtering with spamassassin, and then via Procmail to my new gmail account. I now have the convenience of using Gmail but with much stronger spam filtering.

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  1. It sounds like you've got a pretty complex solution for filtering spam.

    I work for a company called which helps people reduce unwanted email, which might be a simpler solution for your spam problem.

    We don’t use spam filtering at all, we think it’s an arms race that neither side will win. Instead, you white list your contacts and anyone not on that list has to either take a test or pay a fee.

    Last week, we launched integration with Gmail, so rather than using a new Boxbe email address, you could use your existing email address at Gmail.

    Here’s Boxbe’s URL
    and instructions on how to set it up to work with Gmail –

    If you've got any questions about Boxbe, let me know.

    Randy Stewart
    Boxbe Product Manager


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