New 15" i7 MacBook Pro

My new MacBook Pro arrived today, and after using the antiglare hi-res screen for only a short time I can’t imagine how I was able to work on the 13″ screen. It’s bright enough that it’s completely readable outdoors. With the 1680×1050 display, I can use the iPad simulator at 100% scaling. It also feels a lot faster than the MacBook. Photoshop CS4 launches in about 20 seconds vs. 45 seconds on the MacBook and about 12 seconds on the 27″ iMac.

I don’t have the old MacBook’s GeekBench score, but the 15″ MacBook Pro’s score is 5054.

For comparison, the iMac’s score is 8435.

The only negative thing about the new MacBook Pro is the silver screen bezel, which doesn’t look as nice as the black bezel on glossy screen models.

New 2010 MacBook Pro (15

The new MacBook Pro uses an angled MagSafe connector that’s less likely to get pulled out accidentally.

New 2010 MacBook Pro (15

I haven’t run it on battery power for an extended period yet, so I can’t tell how long the battery lasts.

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