I’ve made a few improvements to over the weekend. I set up several color variations of the theme, and enabled theme switching. I also did some work on the iTunes module and changed the database tables slightly to add a few new features.

One of the problems with the previous version is that I considered the track title, artist name and album title to identify identical tracks. However, if two members owned the same track but on different albums (for example “Stairway to Heaven” from IV in one member’s playlist and from “Best of Led Zeppelin” in another one), they won’t be recognized as the same track and won’t count in number of fans for that track. I dropped the album info from the track table and moved it to the playlist info table, so it’s still listed in a member’s playlist.

You can now click on a track to see more info and rate that track. In the track lists and track info screens you can click on the artist name to see a list of all tracks by that artist.

There are also new items in member profiles to list all playlists and all tracks owned by that member.

Finally, I’ve added the Content Recommendation module, which will recommend artists, tracks, and playlists based on ratings. is still in private beta, but anyone who wants an invite can contact me or another member. When it goes public I will enable Drupal distributed authentication and possibly OpenID.

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