My Weekend Projects

I spent most of the weekend tinkering with my home network.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my Airport Extreme. The wireless connection is extremely unreliable and would randomly drop out or become unresponsive. I ended up going back to my Linksys WRT54G, which seems a lot more robust, and setting the Airport Extreme to 802.11n and acting as a bridge with the WRT54G handling the DSL connection and DHCP service. Only my MacBook Pro supports 802.11n, so everything else now connects to the WRT54G.

I’ve also been having various problems with my Linux box. I never could get Netatalk working and had a lot of trouble connecting to Samba shares on it. It had accumulated lots of crud over the years from installing various packages. Since I have my /home directory on a separate file system, I did a clean install of Ubuntu 7.04 server edition, preserving my old home file system. I installed Ubuntu Desktop, development tools, Netatalk, and Samba over it and I now have a usable home server.

Finally, I installed a fresh copy of Windows XP under VMware on my MacBook Pro, since my old Windows VM had also accumulated lots of crud and I was having lots of networking problems with it. I spent almost a full day getting it set up with all of my applications and configuring it for the office VPN connection.

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