My new goal

Over the past few years I’ve become very disgusted with Florida, both politically & socially. I finally decided to do something about it. I’ve set a goal for myself to move out of here by November 24, 2009.

The only reason I moved here was because my mother got sick. Since she’s no longer with us, there’s nothing keeping me here. Socially, there’s nothing for me here. I don’t know any other developers here. Most of my local friends & neighbors barely know how to turn on a computer. Almost everyone I deal with every day is either in the San Francisco bay area or Vancouver. I really need to live in a high-tech area like that, since I feel isolated from everyone else in the computer industry.

I work at home, although I’m not self-employed, so I can live anywhere. If I lived somewhere like San Francisco it would give me the option of working in a co-working space instead of at home, or if I lived in Vancouver I could actually work in the office. I hate driving, but that’s my only option here. I prefer living in a real city with an actual downtown area like San Francisco or Vancouver where I can walk to restaurants, theaters, and clubs.

I’m also strongly at odds with Florida politics. Here, it’s not unusual to see people flying a Confederate flag, but when I see a confederate flag I have the urge to tear it up, spit on it, and stomp on it. My political views were formed growing up in New York City, which makes me feel very out of place here.

The first part of my plan is to start cleaning up my place and getting rid of the junk that has accumulated over the years, a large portion of it includes all of my mother’s possessions & documents which I’m storing in my extra bedroom. I’ve always resisted doing that, which is the main thing that has kept me from moving. Once I have it cleaned up, I can start getting my condo ready to sell. Hopefully prices will start to recover by that time, although even at the worst, units were still selling for more than I paid for this one.

I’ve found in previous moves, especially across the country, it’s a lot easier & cheaper to get rid of my furniture and buy new stuff rather than packing & moving it. I plan to take only my computers & cameras and sell all of my furniture.

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    • I really love Vancouver and I did think about moving there, but I decided against it because of generally crappy & expensive service from Rogers, no unlimited data plans, and unavailability of services like


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