My iPhone 3.0 Wish List

As everyone probably knows, Apple is having a media event tomorrow to announce iPhone OS 3.0. Here are some of the things I’d really like to see.

  1. Support for tasks in the calendar, and a full API for accessing the calendar.
  2. Note syncing, and an API to access notes.
  3. An API for sending mail with attachments. Having the user re-enter their SMTP info in another application is a major FAIL.
  4. Some limited background processing and launchd or cron for scheduling processes.
  5. API to access & control iPod, at least to determine the current song playing, which applications could use to obtain artwork & lyrics or submit to, for example.
  6. Support more video formats in AV Player.
  7. Better application management in springboard – categorize applications, folders, jump to any screen, list view.
  8. Landscape view in mail & other applications.
  9. Push notification.
  10. Video recording.
  11. MMS.
  12. Copy & Paste.

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