More FriendFeed Stuff

I’ve implemented posting in my Cocoa FriendFeed class, and I ended up rewriting the fetch methods to use a NSURLConnection rather than PubSub. I’m now using a temporary PSFeed object to parse the received data rather than maintaining PSFeed objects for all requested feeds. I could probably use a NSXMLDocument, but PSFeed seems cleaner.

Here’s how I’m doing it now:

// this method handles data received from the NSURLConnection
- (void) parse: (NSData*) data {
    PSFeed *feed = [[PSFeed alloc] initWithData: data URL: _url];
    for (PSEntry *entry in [feed entries]) {
        [_entries addObject: [[FFItem itemWithEntry: entry] retain]];
    [feed release];

As you can see I’m using Objective C 2.0, so this will only work in Leopard or later.

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