Marketing "Intelligent Design"

Via Daily KosBob Davidson, a scientist who is also a devout Christian, was at first attracted to Seattle’s Discovery Institute but soon saw through their psuedo-science:

“I’m kind of embarrassed that I ever got involved with this”

“It’s laughable: There have been millions of experiments over more than a century that support evolution,” he says. “There’s always questions being asked about parts of the theory, as there are with any theory, but there’s no real scientific controversy about it.”

Davidson began to believe the institute is an “elaborate, clever marketing program” to tear down evolution for religious reasons. He read its writings on intelligent design — the notion that some of life is so complex it must have been designed — and found them lacking in scientific merit.

An “elaborate, clever marketing program” that may not fool scientists, but just might start to influence the American public enough so that these poll numbers will lean toward belief in “intelligent design”, and science will fall by the wayside.

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  1. One thing that's always bothered me is there's never been a suitable explanation of how god or whatever you want to call it first came into existance. There has to be something even greater which created god in the first place. Or maybe it really was the big bang.

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