Make your own level maps

Have you finished all of the levels or are you bored with the current level? If you have a Mac, you can create your own levels, or modify the existing ones.

You’ll need to download the Level Editor here. This is the same tool we used to create the level maps. It isn’t especially user friendly, but in the future we plan to make a nicer editor and easier ways to share your creations.

When you sync your device with iTunes, Removr will appear in the file sharing section under the list of apps in iTunes. Save the one file listed on your desktop and open it with Level Editor. You can then play around with any of the levels and create new ones. Choose the type of piece you want to place on the map from the popup menu over the editing area and click on a square to place that piece. Option-click on a piece to remove it. The next time you sync with iTunes, copy the file you saved back to Removr’s file sharing section, but don’t rename it. If you screw things up too badly, delete the file in iTunes or remove & reinstall the app and it will be rebuilt.

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