LOLCats 1.1

I just submitted LOLCats 1.1, although it will probably take a few days before the update becomes available.

New in this version:

  1. You can now choose sort order: interestingness, relevance, or date. Date works the same as the previous version.
  2. Purges cached images on low memory warning
  3. Displays an alert if no network connecton or Flickr is unreachable
  4. Bug Fixes

Sorting by interestingness or relevance should avoid bringing up some of the inappropriate images a few people reported, although new images don’t appear as frequently. If you prefer, you can still view by date, which will work the same way as 1.0 did.

I’m now working on another Flickr-related application, as well as discussing the details of the official LOLcats app, which will use the RSS feed from instead of Flickr.

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