Links for 2011-8-19 through 2011-9-4

Links for 2011-8-19 through 2011-9-4:

  • A Jobs Program In America This is what Obama needs to do. Of course the Republicans won't allow it.
  • FoundSF San Francisco history.
  • Old S.F. Browse old photos of San Francisco by date & location.
  • productivity – What is your most productive shortcut with Vim? – Stack Overflow Nice overview of Vi commands.
  • What they’re "protecting" us from – Anil Dash It's a choice whether you, or anyone else, wants to accept the falsehood that liberal values are somehow in contradiction with business success at a global scale. Indeed, it would seem that many who claim to be pro-business are trying to "save" us from exactly the inclusive, creative, tolerant values that have made America's most successful company possible. I side with the makers, the creators, and the inventors, and it's about time that the pack of clamoring would-be politicians be put on the defensive for attacking the values of those of us on this side.

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