Links for 2011-04-29 through 2011-05-02

Links for 2011-04-29 through 2011-05-02:

  • How awesome is your iPhone app, really? [Greg Dunn, Unseen Things] – A lot of things seem like a good idea at the time, and the program *always* works right especially if the person using it is the one who programmed it, right? Of course not…getting fresh eyes on a project is more than a good idea; it’s essential.
  • OpenGL Render to Texture – Render to texture is a very handy functionality. Imagine your game allows for some character customization. You have the body, some different hats, different clothes and other small stuff. Now the easiest way to render this is to just draw it piece by piece every frame. With the proper Z coordinates everything falls in place. But you now have like 4-5 draw calls for one single object. Worse, you might have different textures and swamping textures is expensive..
  • Could a Smartphone App Have Been Used to Locate Bin Laden? Unconfirmed sources report that an iPhone app called Tactical NAV may have been used during the mission to locate Bin Laden. An elite crew of American forces killed bin Laden during a daring raid on Monday, capping the world’s most intense manhunt.
  • Someone Live-Tweeted the Osama Bin Laden Raid Without Knowing It How does someone unknowingly live-tweet the biggest news story of the decade? @ReallyVirtual knows. The IT consultant was just "taking a break from the rat-race by hiding in the mountains with his laptops," when he heard a helicopter, then a "huge window shaking bang," and then the helicopter going down. Reading his tweets, it's obvious he had no idea what was going on—nor how life-defining that moment would be for so many people.
  • Subtle Patterns | High quality patterns for your next web project Nice collection of background patterns perfect for tiling.

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