iPhone 4S

Last weekend I finally got an iPhone 4S, when I became eligible for the upgrade. I got the 64GB model in white, because I was running out of space on my 32GB iPhone 4.

It’s noticeably a lot faster than an iPhone 4, especially when scrolling through a list of photos in apps like Instagram. The screen is brighter than the iPhone 4 and has a yellowish tint (although it isn’t too noticeable in this photo). After using it a few days, the yellow tint seems to be less visible.

iPhone 4 & 4S

The screen is easy to read outdoors. I was able to read a book on the screen in moderate sunlight without any difficulty.

The camera is a huge improvement. Note the much sharper details in the iPhone 4S photo below. The iPhone 4S won’t replace my D90, but I probably won’t carry a point & shoot camera any more.

Taken with iPhone 4
iPhone 4
Taken with iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S

Before I bought the 4S, I wasn’t really too interested in Siri, but after using it, I’m very impressed and found it to be fairly accurate at recognizing my commands. In all, the iPhone 4S is an impressive & worthwhile upgrade.

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