iPhone 3G

I got my 16G iPhone 3G today at the Cypress Creek Station AT&T Store. I got there a little after 8AM and the line already reached the end of the block. I got into the store around 10:30, when they were already out of 16G black, so I got a white iPhone. By that time, they had already given up attempting in store activations since the server was down.

When I got home, I connected it to iTunes and after about an hour it was activated. My old iPhone became deactivated about 15 minutes before the new one was activated, though.

The 3G iPhone seems a bit slimmer & more sleek looking than the old one. The metallic controls look very nice against the white plastic. Both the headphone & docking cables fit much more tightly in their connectors than they did on my old iPhone. The new headphone jack flush with the surface is the biggest improvement of the new case style.

I find the GPS location is quite a bit more accurate than the old GSM & WiFi only location. It was now able to pinpoint my location to the exact block. My old iPhone could only narrow it down to about a 5 mile radius.

Since I’m using WiFi, I couldn’t really determine how much faster the 3G data transfer is.

You can see my full set of unboxing pictures here.

iPhone 3G Side View

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