I won a MacBook Pro

A few nights ago I got a call telling me that I won a MacBook from Drive Savers at Macworld Expo. At first I thought it was a scam, but it was real.

Late this afternoon, FedEx delivered a large box, containing a brand new Apple computer box along with this letter.

Grand Prize

However, it wasn’t a MacBook – it turned out to be a new 15″ MacBook Pro! I was expecting a low end model, or even an older one.

Grand Prize

The screen is gorgeous, but it’s a lot heavier than my current MacBook. I’ll probably keep this one as my desktop system and use the MacBook for travel, since it’s easier to carry around. This weekend I’ll swap the 320G hard drive & 4GB RAM from my MacBook into the MacBook Pro.

This leaves my old MacBook Pro that I was using for software testing & debugging, which I’ll sell now.

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