I Can Has… an offishul app

My “offishul” I Can Has Cheezburger app is feature complete. Once I finish testing it I’ll submit it to the App Store.

This app is a complete rewrite from the original LOLCATS. Instead of searching for images on Flickr & Zooomr, which are often mislabeled and incorrectly tagged, it uses the feeds from ICanHasCheezburger, IHasAHotdog, FAIL Blog, and other related sites. I’ve also refined the user interface. It uses a button bar, which can be toggled on & off by tapping the image. You can switch images either by swiping or using the arrows. It has a built-in web view and lets you save pictures in the camera roll. I’m using TouchXML to handle the feeds.

I would like to pull the old LOLCATS app when I release this one, but as far as I can tell, there’s no way to do that. The old app got terrible reviews thanks to some idiot on Flickr who put a LOLCAT tag on a picture of a dead cat, which caused the application to show it. Even with that image gone, all of the reviews still mention it.

The old LOLCATS app was actually a proof of concept for a Flickr slideshow app, which I’ve decided not to develop since there are plenty of similar apps. I really like Exposure and I don’t want to compete with it. I will continue developing some apps for Zooomr, since nobody else supports it.


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