How Mac App Store Updates Should Be Done

As you probably know, Mac apps that you bought previously can’t be updated through the Mac app store. This is causing a lot of hard feelings between loyal customers and developers. Here’s a proposal for how app store upgrades can be implemented, with Apple’s cooperation.

  1. Apple needs to allow an unlimited number of promo codes for the Mac app store. This is the only change Apple needs to make.
  2. Developers who wish to provide updates can set up a page or script where a customer enters their current serial number.
  3. With a current serial number, the developer can issue a promo code. If they wish, they can charge an upgrade fee for the promo code.
  4. The customer then uses the promo code to download the app from the Mac app store.

Voila! Everyone is happy. The customer gets a free or discounted upgrade from the Mac app store, and the developer gets another sale or download, which increases their ranking and allows the customer to rate their app.

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