Hosting Dreams

I’m considering moving this site and WorldBeatPlanet back to DreamHost. These are the only two sites I currently have hosted at MediaTemple. I haven’t had any major problems here, but I always have the threat of GPU overage charges since with all 3 sites hosted here, I was dangerously close to the 1000/month GPU limit. I’d rather not have to pay for two hosting accounts when I can do everything with one.

I recently moved MacMegasite to DreamHost after I got a warning that I would exceed my GPU quota by about 300 (which ended up being only $3.80). I had kept my DreamHost account open all this time and I was still hosting a few smaller sites there.

Over the last year or so, DreamHost has definitely got their act together after a rocky period. I’m very happy with DreamHost’s speed – most of the time MacMegasite loads a lot faster at DreamHost than this site does at MediaTemple.

Since I’m using a Virtual Private Server at DreamHost, I can change the memory size at any time if it’s getting a lot of traffic. It can end up costing more, but I like being in control of the cost & performance rather than having a fixed limit. Usually my referrals pay for the basic hosting account so I only pay for the virtual server.

DreamHost also has a panel API with several iPhone applications available that can monitor and adjust the virtual server, or do other administrative tasks.

Another thing I prefer about DreamHost is being able to spread my domains among multiple users, rather than having all of them under a single user as MediaTemple does, which makes it a lot easier to give a user access only to certain domains.

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