GOP Rep. LaHood to Palin: "Cut it Out"

At least one Republican is speaking out against the insanity of Palin’s supporters.

Via Daily Kos:

The proliferation of angry, unbalanced mobs at Republican rallies over the past few days has not gone unnoticed, even by Republicans. Illinois Republican Rep. Ray LaHood is the latest to call out the ticket for permitting this kind of behavior.

LaHood supports the McCain ticket, but doesn’t like what he sees at some of the McCain-Palin rallies: When Barack Obama’s name has been mentioned by Sarah Palin, there are shouts of “terrorist,” and LaHood says Palin should put a stop to it.

“Look it,” LaHood said. “This doesn’t befit the office that she’s running for. And frankly, people don’t like it.”

LaHood says it could backfire on the Republican ticket.

He says the names that Obama is being called, “Certainly don’t reflect the character of the man.”

LaHood, generally perceived to be a fairly moderate Republican, is retiring this year, and he also hails from Obama’s state. He certainly deserves praise for having the courage to call out the McCain-Palin ticket for enabling the politics of hate to dominate their campaign events.

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