Google Chrome

Google released their new browser today, but only for Windows. The Mac version is supposed to be available soon, so I tried the Windows version under VMware. Even in a VM it’s blazingly fast. Despite the speed, Chrome is ugly. The tabs are much too big. It lacks a menu bar and it isn’t too obvious where to find your bookmarks. It feels more like a toy or something you would use on a web appliance than a real browser. Chrome seems more appropriate for a kiosk or web-enabled device than a desktop browser.

Chrome looks like it would be great for someone unfamiliar with computers or web browser, but for anyone who’s used other web browsers, it just feels so different that you have to stop and think about how to do basic tasks.

Google Chrome
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  1. I feel like the “kiosk” interface will be best suited for people who only want a basic browser. Chrome doesn’t have any advanced features but it renders pages well and works as it should. It’s a great simplistic alternative to most browsers.

    Also, it’s integration with websites is a neat feature. The way you can make the bookmarks bar leave the homepage and enter the browser is pretty amazing.


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