FriendFeed's room for improvement

FriendFeed has become very popular lately, in part due to Twitter’s unreliability. FriendFeed still can’t replace Twitter, since it can’t be accessed via SMS or IM, although FriendFeed can be more conversational, since you can comment on a particular item rather than just reply to the user as you do on Twitter.

A few days ago, FriendFeed added rooms, a good idea although it still seems a bit rough around the edges. The big limitation of rooms is that there’s no way to see a list of rooms or find a particular room unless you know the name, although Andy Beard found a way to find rooms through Google.

The API seems to be lacking some features needed to fully support rooms. In particular, it isn’t possible to get all rooms a user belongs to. You also can’t get messages from multiple rooms. I’m sure they’ll continue to refine this feature.

I’m trying to decide how to add room support to my FriendFeed iPhone app without making it too cluttered. I’d welcome feedback & suggestions on how the application can be improved.

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