Eye-fi Pro Card

Today Eye-Fi introduced their 4GB Pro wireless SD card, which I’ve been beta testing for the last few months.

The major enhancements in the Pro card are support for RAW files and ability to connect directly to a computer using an ad hoc network. It also lets you choose which images to upload by marking them on the camera, a feature which is now available to all Eye-Fi cards via a firmware update.

Although I had an original 2GB Eye-Fi card, I rarely used it on my D90 since the storage was too limited. A 4GB Eye-Fi Pro card will hold 1000 pictures in Large/fine quality or 512 RAW images. Although JPEG images and movies can be sent both to a computer and an online service, RAW images are sent only to the computer.

I have my Eye-Fi cards send both to SmugMug, so I can get geotagging, and my MacBook Pro. When the images are sent to my MBP, I start Aperture and import from local files in their original location to avoid making extra copies. It’s faster and more convenient than removing the card from the camera and using a card reader.

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