From an intercepted email:

Here’s what we do. We put a woman with very little real, meaningful experience on the ticket with McCain. Make sure she’s an “average soccer mom.” Preferably someone with some personal baggage to draw attacks from the left.

Put her on the ticket and wait for the Dems to take the bait and begin debating her qualifications and all the reasons she should/should not even be on the ticket. We rally our base by making sure she’s an evangelical who opposes abortion in any circumstance. That is bound to get some women fighting over when, exactly, life begins.

Let’s make sure she has a big family with at least one teenager with personal issues, so we can rally the suburban soccer mom base that we desperately need to get out and work for us. After all, doesn’t every one of them have a child who didn’t follow their advice? Can’t every one of our base totally relate to how unfair it would be to hold that child’s bad judgment against a working mom?

Then we just sit back and watch as America completely ignores the mortgage crisis, the men and women dying in Iraq, the consequences of global warming, the failures of our educational system, the 40 million Americans without health insurance. No one will pay any attention to any of these “important” issues now! It’s perfect.

President McCain. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

Funny thing is, I bet Vice President Quayle will have major episodes of deja vu this fall.

How sweet it is.


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