I depend on an application where I can store snippets such as notes, passwords, serial numbers, etc. For years I used StickyBrain, but it started getting too slow & bloated, so I switched to Yojimbo, which is still my favorite.

Now I’m trying Evernote, which has some pretty unique features. Although it stores notes, it’s nothing like Yojimbo or StickyBrain (now SOHO Notes). It doesn’t provide specialized entries for serial numbers, passwords, bookmarks, etc. Evernote does let you store text, images, web clips, snapshots from an iSight or mobile phone, or even handwritten notes from a tablet.

Evernote has a few unique features that set it apart from any other application. It’s actually an online service that syncs with the desktop software. You can grab web pages or add notes online as well as from your Mac. You can also access Evernote via IMAP on your iPhone. Evernote’s most amazing feature is the ability to search for text within images.


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