Dumping on Clay Aiken

A great PETA adfor me to poop on! Amusing recent campaign featuring Triumph the Insult Dog to promote spaying/neutering that is catching heat for a subtle Clay Aiken jab. [metafilter.com]

According to the Rolling Stone interview, Clay killed a kitten once. He should be in jail for that.

Though the barb was Triumph’s own, PETA went along thanks in part to comments that Aiken made in a recent Rolling Stonearticle. “I think cats are Satan,” Aiken said. “There’s nothing worse to me than a house cat. When I was about sixteen, I had a kitten and ran over it. Seeing that cat die, I actually think that its spirit has haunted me. I wasn’t afraid of cats before. But now they scare me to death.”

2 thoughts on “Dumping on Clay Aiken”

  1. Accidentally running over a kitten as a teen, then freaking out over it enough to develop a phobia is worth jail time? Bullshit. He needs desensitization therapy or something for the phobia — no one should have to hide from cats all their life — but it wasn't a malicious criminal act.

  2. clay aiken rocks i love him sooooooooooooooo much so dont be mean to him even though i have a house cat lol he would get over it i wish i could marry him!!!!!!!!!

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