DNS Problems

The DNS entry for Macmegasite is screwed up right now, so it’s inaccessible. I had temporarily switched it to Bluehost and a little while later switched it back to Dreamhost. The first DNS change is in effect now, so it’s pointing to a non-existent site at Bluehost. It *should* be back to normal by the end of the day or early tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “DNS Problems”

  1. This is one reason I always keep my webhosting and domain registration/dns seperate. I can switch my DNS entries whenever I want and don't have to rely on a webhost I'm leaving to make the change.

  2. I do have them separate. All of my domains are registered at GoDaddy, however, the DNS servers need to be changed when I change web hosts. Right now the DNS settings are out of sync.

  3. that’s weird i have mine at active-domain.com and when I change the DNS it kicks it pretty much immediately and then i just have to wait for caches to clear out.

    if i know something is going to change I usually adjust the TTL down for awhile before hand so the caches clear a bit more frequently than normal.


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