Demonizing immigration didn't do the trick

Via Daily Kos:

Republicans are pinning their 2008 hopes on the same thing they pinned their 2007 hopes — demonizing scary brown people. But as I noted yesterday (despite some disagreement), and as noted by Roll Call’s Morton Kondracke (subscription only) the issue simply didn’t prove electoral gold for the GOP.

I consider immigration a non-issue. I don’t see any problem. Immigrants aren’t taking my job (in fact my job is in Canada). They spend money & pay taxes. They take jobs that citizens won’t touch, like harvesting crops. Without cheap immigrant labor to harvest it, food will be a lot more expensive.

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  1. I think the immigrants they're worried about are all the illegal ones. And no, they aren't paying taxes. And yes, they are taking jobs, maybe not great jobs – but jobs that won't get any better as long as companies can ship illegals in and pay them below minimum wage.

    Yes… minimum wage should be higher. I agree.


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