David Byrne: Come The Revolution

David Byrne writes:

What will happen when half the country is unemployed, with no medical insurance, stuck in a sheet rock house miles from public transportation? They’ll be ripe for religion or revolution if you ask me. Bibles and bullets. Will they still support the billions a day spent in Iraq? I don’t think so—even now they don’t. One would expect they’ll be pretty pissed off watching the rich and famous party endlessly and continue their glamorous lifestyle—or maybe not. Surprising to me, those being duped and exploited by banks and entrepreneurs often envy their “bettersâ€?—they want to be that person in the Beemer or Lexus, and will mortgage everything they’ve got to have a symbolic piece of it. Instead of anger and action we get envy—the bane of every outside agitator, union organizer, and young revolutionary.

Bibles and bullets: Doesn’t this sound a lot like what Obama said, which the pundits have blown out of proportion? Instead of addressing the real problems and trying to do something about it, politicians would rather exploit hot button issues. with the mainstream media as their lapdogs.

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