D90 in low light

After using the D90 for a few days, I’m very impressed with it. Live view is a lot better than I expected and I really like having dedicated buttons for settings like white balance, quality, and ISO so I don’t have to keep going to the menu as I did on the D40x.

This evening I tried using it in low light and I found that it performs beautifully at high ISO settings. All of these pictures were taken when it was almost completely dark and without a tripod. I shot in JPEG and didn’t do any noise reduction or other processing.

Taken at ISO 1600, shows very little noise.

D90 @ ISO 1600

Taken at ISO 2000, shows some noticeable noise but still looks good.

D90 @ ISO 2000

Taken at ISO 4000, shows quite a bit of noise but doesn’t look too bad. Passable at smaller sizes.

D90 @ ISO 4000

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