Canon G12

After my last trip to San Francisco, when I was sore from carrying around the D90, I started looking around for a compact alternative. I did a lot of research and decided on the Canon G12. It’s bigger than the average point & shoot camera, but still a lot smaller & lighter than the D90. Although the picture quality isn’t quite as good as the D90, it’s still excellent. This one is definitely coming on my next trip (WWDC) instead of the D90.

The G12 is in a class of high-end point & shoot cameras that include manual controls, has good high ISO quality, and can shoot raw. It features a movable screen and a hot shoe for external flashes.

Here are the two cameras next to each other:

D90 vs. G12

I took this shot of a gardenia flower with the G12:

Gardenia Flower

Here’s the same shot, taken with the D90:

Gardenia Flower (D90)

Although the D90 is definitely crisper, the G12 still looks excellent for a point & shoot camera.

Here are details of the G12 version:

G12 Detail

And the D90 version:

D90 Detail

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