Blog Fight!

WordPress 2.5 will be released soon and I’m planning to upgrade this site. In an attempt to spread FUD, Anil Dash of Six Apart posted a blog entry suggesting that people “upgrade” to Movable Type instead. WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg responded by pointing out that WordPress is 100% open source.

I had originally used Movable Type at this blog, but I switched to WordPress when they took it commercial. Since that debacle, I will never trust them again not to suddenly change their licensing requirement. Even though there’s a “free” license, Movable Type still has a confusing array of licensing models for different usage requirements. I’d rather use something with one clear GPL license, not a confusing multi-tiered semi-commercial pricing model.

3 thoughts on “Blog Fight!”

  1. I love WordPress. Moveable Type, IMO, has been deprecated.

    Also doesn’t WordPress at this point have more and better plugins?

    Also what would you say has won the CMS fight? I like joomla, but none of them have really WON me.

  2. Just so you know, MT is available under the GPL. We offer other licenses as well, just like the open source projects for Red Hat Linux and MySQL and others do. Movable Type is open source.

  3. WP does not have a “clear GPL license” as there’s a great deal that they keep for themselves. I laugh whenever I read that Matt hates proprietary software when that’s all that Automattic does.


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