Big Moves

When I live in a city for 10-12 years, I always start to become disgusted with it and I feel the need to move elsewhere. That has always made it difficult for me to settle down.

I’ve made several big moves in my life. My first was from New York City to Los Angeles, when I left my parent’s house and lived in my own apartment for the first time. Since I don’t enjoy driving, I was never really happy there.

During my time there, I had started a Macintosh consulting business. Eventually my business partner got the idea to move to Casper, WY. I never liked it there in the first place so I only lasted a little more than a year before I wanted to leave.

At that time, my mother got sick, so I moved to Florida, where she moved after my father died, to be closer to her. Now I’m starting to get disgusted with Florida.

I feel completely out of place here as the only computer geek, and I find Florida politics especially vile. I really hate one of my neighbors in particular, often known as “big bird”.

This time my move is complicated by the fact that I own my condo and I’ve accumulated too much stuff. I also have two cats now, which I didn’t during my previous moves. Luckily I bought my condo at a good time, so it’s still worth more than I paid for it and much more than I own on my mortgage. Since my car is leased, I’m not sure what my options are with it, and whether I can return it in a different state.

I don’t think I’ll be able to move again after this one, so where I move this time is probably where I’ll spend the rest of my life.

I’ve been browsing a few places in San Francisco and I’m planning a trip there around the end of this month to look at them and maybe find a place I can buy.

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