An inauspicious start

I flew in to San Francisco this week to work on site with my new job.

I wasn’t feeling too well Monday before I left, which I attributed to just nerves. On the flight I started getting stomach cramps & I could barely sleep that night. I made it into the office as scheduled on Tuesday, and after 2 hours I was doubled over in pain from not being able to pee, so I had to be rushed to the hospital, where I remained until today.

I had an e. coli infection in my bladder, so they put me on intravenous antibiotics until my fever was down and no sign of infection remained. I also needed a catheter, which I still have until next week. Getting it was one of the most uncomfortable & embarrassing experiences ever.

On the plus side, my room at UCSF Medical Center had a beautiful panoramic view of the city, the staff was very nice, and the food wasn’t terrible. The chicken curry I had last night was actually good.

The CEO of my new company has medical training & knows people at UCSF, so he was very understanding about the whole mess. Unfortunately this set the project back a week, so I have to scramble to catch up.

In other news, I wasn’t able to get a loan for my new condo despite having excellent credit, thanks to changing jobs & taking my new job as a contractor, so I won’t be moving to San Leandro. Instead I plan to keep my place in Florida (which is nearly impossible to sell due to all of the foreclosed units selling very cheap) as my primary residence, find a roommate, and rent a place in San Francisco for when I need to be here.

I have the greatest friends in Florida who are almost like family, so I’m glad that I won’t have to leave them. My best friend, whose watching my cats while I’m gone, called me every day at the hospital. I do the same for her when she’s away. She became friends with my late mother because they shared the same birthday & she was the last person along with me to see my mother alive.

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