ABC News: New technology tracks stolen laptops

Absolute Software got a nice mention from ABC News:

(5/10/07 – KTRK/HOUSTON) – New technology is helping local law enforcement crack down on the second most common crime after identity theft, laptop thefts.

Two million laptop computers are stolen every year and all too often the thief walks away — not only with a computer but files of sensitive and personal information. Deputies are now tracking stolen laptops with the help of a laptop lowjack which is built into newer model computers.

Once a laptop is stolen the owner can activate a sensor inside the computer. That sends police information to help track it down. Laptops have been found as far away as Africa.

“It’s certainly easier to find something that’s stolen when it calls us and tells us where it is,” said Langley McKelvy with the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office.

Government agencies are even using the technology because files can be remotely deleted if sensitive information is stolen. The protection costs consumers about $50 a year. (link)

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