Jason Snell points out that every Mac he bought cost around $2500, which is also the case for most of my Macs.

In 1984, I bought my first Mac 128 for about $2500. Next, I bought a Mac Plus, also for $2500. A few years later I bought a Mac SE/30, for guess how much – $2500. I replaced it with a (used) IIsi, which I also bought for $2500. I bought my first PowerMac, a 6100/60, as soon as it was available, again for $2500. The last Mac I bought for $2500 was a Duo 270c.

In every case I spent the same amount but got a much more powerful system. After the Duo, I spent less and got much more powerful systems including a Blue & White G3/350, two iBooks (clamshell and the first white iBook), a G4/500 minitower, and several PowerBooks & MacBook Pros.

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