"Youth Looks Forward but Age

“Youth Looks Forward but Age Looks Back”.

The Technology Behind Napster is Far from Dead

“Initially, Creative Commons is building technology that helps people license their work on terms they set. The idea is to create a database that can be easily queried by those who want to make further use of such works.

One of Lessig’s collaborators in this project is Aaron Swartz, who’s become well-known in several small but important corners of the Net. He’s working on the software that will help turn Creative Commons into a reality.

I knew of Aaron Swartz (www.aaronsw.com) before I met him last week at a World Wide Web conference in Hawaii. He’s here this week in Santa Clara, and will be on stage when Creative Commmons makes its official debut Thursday. He’s an object lesson to the dinosaurs who run Hollywood and think they can control the uncontrollable. The young people of this world will ultimately decide how this turns out.

Shawn Fanning was a college student in Boston when he created Napster. Aaron Swartz is 15.” [SJ Mercury]

I guess it’s the young that will inherit the earth, not the meek.

[The Shifted Librarian]