Why I'm getting an iPhone

Yes, I plan to buy an iPhone this Friday. I really hate my current LG CU500 since it can’t sync with a Mac, the battery life is horrible, and it doesn’t do POP3 or IMAP email. I do have a nice Gmail app for it, though. Like most phones, web browsing just plain sucks. It includes a music player, which I never use because the sound quality is awful and despite their claims in won’t play AACs, only MP3s.

The killer feature of the iPhone for me is the web browser and email. The iPod features are nice, but even the 8GB model I plan to buy can’t replace my 80GB iPod (which is almost 50% full with 5200 tracks). I’ll have to pick and choose which tracks I load on it. It’ll be perfect for going to the gym, which is the only place I usually don’t take my phone, since I only want to carry one device. I wanted to use my CU500 for that, but the music quality is so bad that I gave up on it.