What is up with Real

What is up with Real Networks?. The makers of Real Player and its many various forms of Internet media players continue to be a thorn in the side of OS X users, and I am starting to wonder whether this company, which is local to me here in Puget Sound country, even has a clue that it is snubbing a growing group of multimedia-wise users?

I am thinking of this tonight because I may start doing some online work that requires me to listen to streaming news reports on either Windows Media Player and/or Real Player. WMP exists on OS X, but there is not way to natively play a Real media file under OS X. Yes, I can load an aging version of Real’s software for Classic, but that just doesn’t cut it now that we are more than a year into regular consumers using OS X.

Real…are you listening? Is there anyone really working at Real? Or do you all think that the high-end Mac users who are working with OS X don’t have any real money to pay for your Real products?

The lack of any solid announcements about moving this media reader to the hottest OS, which has a slew of developers from the Mac, Unix and Windows world working on cool software, is Real stupid…

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Real’s lack of OS X support really irritates me. There are a lot of Real broadcasts I would like to listen to, but the quality is just plain awful running under classic.