What a long strange trip it's been

I’m finally home after being away for more than two weeks.

American Airlines went 3 for 3, delaying my luggage on all 3 legs of my trip. It happened yet again when I arrived home. I flew from SFO to DFW yesterday. Due to weather conditions, all flights in and out of DFW were delayed for an hour or longer, so I didn’t miss my connecting flight. We finally landed a little after midnight. I didn’t leave the airport until after 1AM dealing with baggage service, along with a lot of other people. They finally delivered my bag at 7:30 this morning (they had told me it would be sometime between 8AM and noon). According to the tag, my bag travelled via LAX.

My bag was also delayed flying from here to Vancouver and from Vancouver to San Francisco. In both cases, they delivered it to my hotel later that night.