The Grey Album

BoingBoing pal (and former guestblogger) Todd Lappin points us to yet another food fight between copyright and Remix Culture.

DJ Danger Mouse remixed Jay-Z’s “Black Album” with the Beatles “White Album” to create… The “Grey Album,” of course.

The New Yorker had a little Talk of the Town piece on this, Apparently, Jay-Z created a vocals-only version of his album *explicitly* so DJs could remix it. And many have. This week, the Beatles issued a cease and desist to stop the Grey Album… which of course makes the Grey Album even more desirable as a collector’s item, so now the whole album is available for download.

Download it here.

I’m listening to it now & I like it. I don’t care much for rap music, but I usually enjoy remixes like this one and the Punjabi MC remix of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.