Sentencing delayed for King brothers(PENSACOLA,

Sentencing delayed for King brothers

(PENSACOLA, Fla.) September 18 – A judge is considering granting a new trial for Alex and Derek King, the two young brothers convicted of killing their father.

The judge delayed sentencing Wednesday to consider the defense request and to give doctors more time to examine the boys.

Prosecutors say 13-year-old Alex and 14-year-old Derek smashed their dad’s head with a baseball bat as he slept in a recliner and then set the house on fire.

The brothers were charged with first-degree murder. A jury convicted them of second-degree without a weapon and of arson.

Jurors said later that they thought a family friend and convicted child molester, Ricky Chavis, committed the crime.

Chavis was acquitted of first-degree murder before the boys’ trial, but the jurors did not know the verdict until they convicted the boys.

The jurors say they were shocked to find that Chavis was found innocent.