Rob Enderle shows his stupidity again

Not satisfied with repeatedly predicting the death of Apple, the clueless Rob Enderle is now predicting the death of Bluetooth [via Slashdot]

At the Intel Developer Forum on Wednesday Intel announced the company was giving up on the deadlocked Ultrawideband IEEE task group and going it alone with a derivative offering they are calling Wireless USB. This initiative, for them, does everything that Bluetooth does and, effectively means that for PCs Bluetooth is all but dead.

Intel’s history with Bluetooth, up until now, was solid. It was one of the major backers but the technology took years longer then expected to come to market. It’s really never been accepted as a PC standard. Even Microsoft was slow to adopt it due to concerns about the standard. The company’s Bluetooth keyboard and mouse were a disaster.

Bluetooth, which has been expanding in the cell phone market strongly, has been appearing on an increasing number of headsets, aftermarket automotive solutions, and recently became a dealer installed cradle option for some cars. Unfortunately, for the PC market, it may have simply taken too long to come to market. And now, based on this new product direction from Intel, it’s all but dead.