Not off to a great start

When I got to SFO and tried to check in, I discovered that my flight was cancelled due to snow in Atlanta. They called me at my home phone to inform me, so of course I never got the message. After some begging, I got switched to a flight on a different airline going through Charlotte instead of Atlanta.

I was randomly selected for extra screening, which meant I was separated from my MacBook Pro for longer than I would like. Although I kept a close eye on it, having LoJack for Laptops installed gave me an extra sense of security.

My rescheduled flight is at 1PM instead of 11:30AM, so I have a few extra hours at the airport. I found an electric outlet so I can keep my MacBook Pro charged, and the one year of free T-Mobile I got with my OLPC is very handy.

I get home after midnight tonight, so unless I have some extra time during my layover in Charlotte, this will probably be my last post for today.