Not Harmful to Minors. The

Not Harmful to Minors. The twin concepts of innocence and ignorance are vehicles for adult double standards. A child is ignorant if she doesn’t know what adults want her to know, but innocent if she doesn’t know what adults don’t want her to know. –Jenny Kitzinger, Children, Power, and the Struggle against Sexual Abuse Never have I read a book which has been damned and derided on almost all sides, so steeped in controversy and outrage, yet, after reading this book it has become glaringly obvious that the detractors have not read it. Perhaps a few of its right-wing* critics have skimmed it looking for choice morsels which they can extract from the surrounding context and infuse with their own meaning (you know, much like they do with the Bible), so let me set a few things straight. What Judith Levine has actually written in her book Harmful to Minors is not radical, unusual or beyond common sense. []

I just bought this book & “blinded by the right”, although I haven’t had a chance to read either one yet.