Mourning my Prius

After no problems for over a year, the 12v starter battery (NOT the hybrid battery) in my Prius died again. This time it wouldn’t even hold a charge if I don’t drive for one day.

I finally gave in and traded it for a Corolla S. This is the third Corolla I’ve owned and I’ve never had one bit of trouble with any of them.

As a final goodbye, I had to jump start the Prius today to get it to the dealer, and when I tried to open it to transfer my stuff to the new car, the battery was dead again.

It feels weird driving a regular car again & I miss some of the features, like the touch screen for audio & climate control. I also miss not having to fumble with a key to start the Prius. Since I don’t take a lot of long trips, which are really needed to keep the underpowered starter battery in the Prius charged, I’m better off with something low maintenance.

New car