Microsoft Retires NetMeeting

Microsoft is retiring its six-year-old NetMeeting online conferencing application. Instead, the company will push Office Live Meeting, formerly known as PlaceWare, for online meetings. NetMeeting helped pioneer online conferencing when it was released in May 1996, before the advent of instant messaging and other services for real-time online communication. The software still ships as part of Windows and some of its features, such as whiteboarding and application-sharing, are used by the MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger IM applications.

(Meryl) [Lockergnome Bytes]

The application I was developing at Teaching Network (R.I.P) was based on NetMeeting. One of the nice things about NetMeeting was that it exposed its objects for use by other applications. We were able to build a whiteboard module with NetMeeting as the underlying communication medium. It would be nice if we could do the same with iChat.