For a while I’ve had a problem with one of my cats pooping on the floor outside the litterbox. I suspect Cody although I’ve never caught him in the act. I had two litterboxes and both were being used. Midnight always makes a big show of pooping in the box when I’m watching him. I’ve also seen him attack and chase Cody away when he was using the box.

Someone suggested the problem may be that the box isn’t clean enough (I try to scoop it out whenever I notice a mess), and I know Midnight is using both boxes, so today I bought a Littermaid.

I left it off so it wouldn’t scare the cats if the motor came on. I also left one regular litterbox next to it. Cody was the first to explore it, but he didn’t use it. A few minutes later, Midnight explored it. Something frightened him and he ran away, but he went back and used it. When I went out for two hours I found that someone used it while I was gone, and when I got back Midnight used it (and made sure I was watching). Cody eyed it suspiciously a few times. I noticed that the other litterbox is also being used.

As I was writing this, Midnight jumped up on my lap. He purred loudly and wanted me to pet him, then he suddenly bit my arm and ran away.