Kristallnacht for the Pepsi Generation?.

Kristallnacht for the Pepsi Generation?. Over the past few months, there has been a great deal of discussion in the American, European, and Israeli conservative press about an alarming group of events taking place in Europe. These events — seeming anti-Semitic* language from Europe’s “chattering classes” and anti-Semitic attacks from the shadows of Europe’s Muslim community — hearken back to the shattered glass and yellow stars of blackest days of the 20th Century: Nazi Germany. The mainstream media has slowly picked up on disturbing reports of still-smoldering synagogues and of sniper fire, however there are many who suggest that these events have more to do with anger over Israel’s policies than they do with Jews themselves. Are the events a natural response to Israeli treatment of Palestinians, or are they a symptom of something deeper brewing within Europe? []